Boxcar in the Classroom

The Boxcar Children have been a teacher-favorite since the very first book, which Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote for her students. She knew the vocabulary and content were appropriate for young readers—and that they would relish the Boxcar Children’s independence and opportunities for adventure. Today, teachers and librarians love the series for the message of teamwork and empathy, because even when the Boxcar Children uncover the villain of the mystery they’re solving, it’s more than just that: they care about the person and situation, and they work hard to set things right again.

Explore the easy ways to tie The Boxcar Children into your classroom discussions and activities.

Common Core

The Boxcar Children conforms with Common Core standards. This helpful teacher’s guide provides the tools to use The Boxcar Children in your classroom.

Common Core Explanation
State Standards
Common Core Teachers Guide

Activity Sheets

Once your classroom has read the books, keep the fun going with these downloadable activities.

Puzzle Activity Guide
Recipe Activity Guide
Craft Activity Guide

Have your students read them all? Use this handy Checklist.

Download the title checklist.Every title, every series, in order.

The Boxcar Children

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We love the Boxcar Children! Generations of readers have enjoyed the adventures of Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny, and we’re excited to celebrate their insatiable curiosity and unwavering determination. They have shown us that making a difference in the world can be as simple as taking the time to understand others and working through challenges together.

We’ve got exciting plans! We’ve refreshed the look of The Boxcar Children brand to introduce the series to new readers, and launched an updated website to allow all readers to get to know the Alden siblings and explore their many adventures. Coming soon: new books,movies, and more fun stuff on this site!

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